Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Shoe Crazy

I went on a small shoe spree this week and I am sooo happy with my purchases. One of my goals is to revamp my wardrobe (again). For the past couple years I've had a hard time with my style, almost like I was going through some type of transition and I just didn't know what I liked. I was kind of over Forever 21 but not quite into Anne Taylor, if you know what I mean, and places like Express are often too overpriced for their quality of clothing. Now I've learned to shop everywhere and only buy the pieces I love that way I will eventually love my wardrobe =)

Charles by Charles David

Jessica Simpson

Banana Republic (these shoes are NOT comfortable AT ALL)

Oh and if you haven't already make sure you check out Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale! I got 3 bras, 6 panties, a nighty, bathing suit and 2 glosses for $150!!! I went early on the first day but hopefully they still have some good stuff left.

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