Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's your Scentuality?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE perfume. I don't leave the house without it. I spray a little on my wrists, neck and nape. I love when people tell me I smell good, its one of my favorite compliments!!

The basic breakdown of a womens perfume is in the type of scent that is the basic ingredient. There are different smells that a perfume is created from and that will be an asset or detriment to the wearer. Perfumes can be defined as floral, oriental, woody, fresh and fougere. These labels of perfume types are determined by the type of scent that they create and the ingredients they are created from. A basic floral will be the scent of a flower, a fresh scent will be a citrus or natural smell and a woody will be created by using the barks and oils of different woods. By understanding these simple breakdowns in the fragrances a person can choose the type of women's perfume they want and that will blend with their body type to create a tantalizing aroma.

My favorite are woody scents, fresh and floral. I wear just about any scent to work just depends on my outfit and how I feel but outside of work I tend to wear woody scents in the evening/night life because they are sultry and intriguing; floral scents for the weekends, shopping, lunch with friends etc and fresh scents any time in between.

Some of my favorite perfumes are Valentino V, Marc Jacobs Daisy and Clean. What are some of your favs?

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  1. CLEAN is one of my favorite fragrances as well. I even have a post on it - LOL


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