Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You're Making Me BLUSH

One of the biggest makeup faux pas I see women of color make (besides wearing eyeshadow without anything on the face) is not wearing blush. After you apply foundation your face tend to be all one color which is NOT natural, blush gives your skin life as well as create mountains and valleys on your face by highlighting and contouring your cheeks bones. Blush does not have to be bright red or pink but if applied right those colors totally rock. You can simply add a hint of bronzer to the cheeks to give yourself a nice glow. Blush makes your skin appear youthful and healthy, two things we all want to achieve.

Blush Cheat Sheet:
  • Find a shade that works with your everyday look, this could be a bronzer or a pink/red tone that accentuates your natural cheek color. My favorite shades on women of color tend to fall in the coral/orange family but do not limit yourself, we can wear any color. Once you get comfortable wearing it everyday then you can branch off onto other colors.
  • Use a round brush to apply powder blush. Smile in the mirror and place the blush on the apple of your cheek then use upward strokes to blend. Moving towards your hairline.
  • Use light hands when you're applying blush. We don't want you too look like you just walked out of an 80's video so BLEND! BLEND! BLEND! And then right before you walk out the door blend some more. You can never blend enough when it comes t blush. Believe me when I say you would rather have to little blush than too much.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. For the longest time I could imagine wearing blush. Thanks to many blogs I have found that blush is lovely on skin, and now I am becoming a blush a holic.

  2. I wear blush on days when I don't have a full-face of makeup on. It just adds some brightness & glow to your face. I have on NYX Creme Rouge in Orange (great color for us).


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