Monday, May 24, 2010

My Office

So its time for me to start working on the laundry list of projects that I have for Lola (my house). I'm used to living in one bedroom/one bath apartments that I couldn't/wouldn't do much to because I was renting. Now I live in a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath house and I am OVERWHELMED! Well I was, I finally have furniture in every room and the whole first floor have been painted and furnished to my liking, I'm just waiting to find the perfect pieces of art to take it to the next level. My bedroom is also furnished with art on the walls but its just lacking paint. I bought my home brand new which allowed me to have a blank canvas to do whatever I want. Which takes me to my office:

Yes I know the paint is HIDEOUS. I called myself giving the paint a faux finish to make my walls appear silver. It was complete FAIL and it has to be fixed before I go any further with decor (I swear HGTV really makes you believe you can do anything LOL) but in the meantime I decided to unpack the boxes that have been hoarding my closet and move some furniture around. Here's how it turned out, I think I like this layout much better.

Things I need to complete this room:
A new paint job. I will have my faux silver walls professionally done this time
A chic chair for my desk
A cute chandelier for lighting
Art (I'm pretty sure I will be hanging some of my work from my portfolio)
Something to cover those wires and boxes

Any suggestion?

Ughhh I am so embarrassed by my walls they don't look as bad to the naked eye LOL!


  1. I think after the walls are painted everything will come together. You need some pics on the wall too

  2. I love this post! I watch HGTV too & they really do make you feel like you can do anything. Have you made any progress since this post? I'm sure it will look great after all is said and done - you seem to have impeccable style and taste. I've seen your makeup artistry - if you can transform people into looking fab than I know the same can be done for your home.

  3. I have made progress but the walls are still the same :( I thought I found someone to fix them but they bailed on me.


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