Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Glow Girl!

Bronzers, in my opinion, are one of the most intimidating and confusing products at the makeup counter. There's powder, bronzers, cream, liquid and gel bronzers. A lot of us {brown girls} wonder if we really need them. We're already brown right, so what's the point? Because many women don't have any knowledge about bronzers we often walk right past them at the counter but this can be the reason you are having trouble nailing down that "Golden Goddess" look that we all want. So take out your notebook for a quick course in "Bronzers 101"

What is Bronzer?
Bronzer is product that gives you a golden glow, simple. Just because we are not able to lay on the beach or sit pool side all day doesn't mean we can't look like it. Who wants to deal with all those UVA/UVB rays anyway!

Are They Really Necessary?
Nope,  but for those who want to warm the natural grooves of your facial features, all while looking gorgeously sun-kissed, then bronzer will be your best friend. You could just wear tinted moisturizer, lip gloss and mascara but if you add bronzer... honey!

Will Bronzer Show Up On My Brown Skin?
 Of course, a common misconception among women of darker complexions is that bronzer is only from lighter or fairer skin women. Not true! While it is true that most darker skin women already have deep golden undertones, bronzers can be used to contour the cheeks making them look like a beautiful sunset on your favorite beach!

Where Do I Apply It?
You want to put your bronzer in the areas where the sun would naturally kiss your skin. Buffing it along the hairline the hairline/forehead, jawline, bridge of your nose, contours of your cheeks are great spots. Simply apply it with the same brush you would with any blush and make sure to blend, blend, blend. Harsh lines are no good.

My Recommendations?
Urban Decay Baked Bronzer, Bobby Brown Illuminating Bronzer Powder and MAC Refined Golden Bronzer

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  1. I love bronzers!!! I just bought one from Rimmel that is super pretty and inexpensive.


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