Monday, July 12, 2010

How To Apply Flawless Foundation

Foundation is used to even the complexion, cover imperfections or just simply giving your skin an amazing dewy/silky/matte finish. When applied right foundation can do some amazing things. Here's a few basic steps to guarantee a flawless finish.

1. As always, beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. Be sure to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin according to your skin type.

2. If using liquid foundation, squeeze a small amount of liquid foundation to the back of your hand.

3. Using stippling brush, dab lightly into your foundation to pick up the product. If using a cream or powder foundation use a basic foundation brush.

4. Begin spreading a thin layer of foundation on your face. Be sure to blend into the hair line and down to your neck. If you need more coverage add another thin layer until you get the desired look.

5. Take your concealer and either with a brush or your fingers, dab a bit of product under your eyes and wherever needed (discoloration, blemishes, etc).

6.  Use a large fluffy brush and translucent powder to set your foundation.  

This very basic application can be modified to fit your needs. For example, I skip the concealer step and in the summer months I tend to skip foundation also and just use a setting powder

**It's very important that you blend blend blend. There is nothing worse that seeing a concealer stripe or your foundation obviously ending before your jawline. Blend your foundation so it looks like your skin!

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  1. Awesome! What do you think about using a sponge for applying foundation?


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