Tuesday, August 03, 2010

If I Ruled The World

Imagine smoking weed in the street without cops harassin
Imagine going to court with no trial
Lifestyle cruising blue behind my waters
No welfare supporters more conscious of the way we raise our daughters

Days are shorter, nights are colder
Feeling like life is over, these snakes strike like a cobra
The world's hot my son got not evidently
It's elementary, they want us all gone eventually

Trooping out of state for a plate knowledge
of coke was cooked without the garbage we'd all have the top dollars
Imagine everybody flashin, fashion
Designer clothes, lacing your click up with diamond vogues

Your people holdin dough, no parole
No rubbers, go in raw imagine law with no undercovers
Just some thoughts for the mind
I take a glimpse into time
watch the blimp read "The World Is Mine"

If I ruled the world
Imagine that
I'd free all my sons, I love em love em baby
Black diamonds and pearls

Could it be, if you could
be mine, we'd both shine
If I ruled the world
Still livin for today, in these last days and times
Dress-Thrifted/Blazer-Express/Shoes-Jessica Simpson
Photos taken by Mary DeBoise
Song: Nas feat. Lauryn Hill If I Ruled the World


  1. Girl, you look GREAT!!! i'm wondering what you use in your hair and how you get your hair like this? (twist out?)

  2. Thanks Trecia! Yes this was a week old twist out done with Carol's Daughter Hair Milk.


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