Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My HairStory


I get a lot of questions about my haircare regimen so I decided to dedicate a post to it. Let me start off by saying I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I don't really try a lot of new things, after I find what works I tend to stick to it.

I transitioned after a horrible, horrible {one of many} salon experience back in April of 2008. I had only been in Charlotte about six months and I was ending one of my many failed attempts to transition. I had about six months of good new growth which ended up in the drain as the stylist decided {without my permission} to take my {finally} shoulder length hair to neck length. Being that I had struggled to get and keep my hair at shoulder length for the majority of my life, I was devastated. So from that moment on I decided to take my hair into my own hands and follow my heart which was to go natural!

I transitioned for a very long and hot six months {the plan was to go 18 months). After a night of hanging out with my girlfriends {I'm pretty sure there were some type of spirit involved} I decided to take a pair of scissors and go to work. At first glance I hated it, out of all the impulsive decisions I made throughout my life this had to be the far worst. The next morning I got up, washed it, let it dry then went to buy some new earrings because I figured I may as well give it a shot. When I went shopping I paid very close attention to the way {I thought} people were reacting to my hair. Were they giving me the WTF face? Or smiling? Neither. I was totally out of my mind, I didn't care what people thought when I had a weave down to my ass or what people thought when I had a million and two braids in my hair or what people thought about my relaxed hair so why should I care why people thought about me just being me. From that moment on I have embraced every minute of the journey and there is no turning back for me. I had been delivered!

So onto my regimen:
  • Shampoo about every 2 weeks with Giovanni Golden Wheat Shampoo
  • Deep Condition with Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner or Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose
  • Leave-In Conditioner with Giovanni Direct Leave-In
  • Twist my hair using Carol's Daughter Hair Milk
  • Moisturize with Raw Organic Shea Butter and Coconut Oil
  • After a workout I condition wash with a cheap V05 conditioner and twist as usual


  1. I'm a fairly new lurker after seeing you on kisforkinky.com But I love the blog & it's funny that we both live in CLT.

  2. Thank you for visiting! I like your blog too, maybe we'll bump into each other one day!

  3. Your story is so inspirational and true I went throug it with you. LOL You are the one who inspired me to go natural. I am still going through the awkward stage, but I must say it is a very enlightening experience for me. It gives me a sense of freedom I never felt before. It really is helping me embrace my natural beauty. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  4. You're hair looks BEAUTIFUL... nothing awkward about it!


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