Thursday, September 23, 2010

Say NO to Bad Makeup!

If I had a nickel for every time I've seen it, I would be rich & yes I, myself, have fallen victim to the... Ronald McDonald makeup, BoZo the Clown makeup or whatever you like to call it but I call it growing pains. What a horrible feeling to see a photo of yourself and the words hot ass mess won't even describe it properly. Streaky foundation, too much shimmer, bad blush application... but I digress. It is possible to wear a full face of makeup without looking like you let you 5-year-old niece do it, just follow these simple rules.

Foundation~ Aside from applying the right shade, the brushes you use to apply your foundation is imperative. You can get away with purchasing cheap brushes for other makeup applications but you want to invest in a good brush for you foundation. The MAC 187 and 190 are my faves. I use the 187 for liquid foundations and the 190 for cream foundations but 190 can also be used for liquid. Also blending foundation into your hairline and under the jawline will ensure a seamless finish.

Powder~ To avoid the "cake face" loose powders tend to work better than the compact powders if you are reapplying throughout the day. Any big fluffy face brush will work if you are setting you makeup for the day or reapplying removing shine.

Eyebrows~ You all know how I feel about brows; they are the most important, they frame your faces, blah blah blah. If you weren't born with the best of brows you can use a brow pencil, brow powder or even an eyeshadow closest to your natural brow color {but never black} to fill in sparse hairs. Never shave your eyebrows off and draw them back on. That never looks natural.

Conturing/Highlighing~When conturing your nose, cheeks, etc you should only got two shades darker at best. The same applies when highlighting the under eye area, at most two shades lighter. Be sure to blend so there are no harsh lines.

Blush~ Use a light hand. It's so easy to be afraid of blush because we've all seen women walking around looking like they just got caught in a fight that left with big red swollen cheeks. Blush can be a beautiful thing if used correctly. It can make your skin glow and create contrast on your face making your cheekbones appears higher. If you have a heavy hand just sweep a little loose powder over the blush to help blend and take away a little color.

Eyelashes~ Falsies are wonderful just make sure they are the right size in length, you have them as close to the lash line as possible and they are glued on tight. Also if you have the lashes on for more than five minutes and you still can't open your eyes fully, chances are they are too heavy and you look just a little crazy.

Lips~ I believe you can wear a bold eye and a bold lip just be sure that if one have shimmer/glitter the other is matte. When dealing with nudes and pinks make sure you get the right shade for your complexion to avoid the I just ate powder donuts look.


  1. Kim looks horrible, as she always does when she does her own makeup.

    Great lead into your post too


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