Thursday, October 28, 2010

Learn the Secrets to Eyeshadow Blending

Let's face it, eyeshadow can be just as intimidating as finding the correct foundation. Especially for those who want to blend two or more colors together with a seamless finish. Whether you wear two or three eye shadow shades or just one, harsh lines anywhere on the eye is a no-no. Below I'll list some tips for flawless eyeshadow application.

  1. Be sure to coat your eyelid with a good eyeshadow base like Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Urban Decay Primer Potion to make the eyeshadow stays in place. You can also opt for pigmented eyeshadow base like MAC Paint Pots or Makeup For Ever Aqua Eye Cream to make the eyeshadow more vibrant. 
  2. If you are using three shadows (lid, crease and brow highlight), apply the first color to your lid only. This can be any color you want. I like to pat the color on my eye opposed to sweeping it back and forth across the eye. This way there is less fall out (color falling onto the cheeks) and better color payoff. Be sure to blend his color into the inner corners of your eye, you do not want that dreaded line from the inner eye to the brow.
  3. With a blending brush like MAC's #224 for softer blend or a densely packed blending brush like the #217 begin to fill in the crease with a back and forth, windshield wiper motion where the two colors meet. After dipping the brush in the shadow, start applying the color from the outer corner inward. Do not go so low with the crease color that you end up mixing in all of the lid color causing you to "over blend" just concentrate on where the two colors meet. The crease color tends to be a little bit darker than the lid color thus defining your eyes and  making them eyes appear more deep set. Brown shades are great for this because they are neutral and will soften even the most vibrant colors on the lid. 
  4. For the brow highlight add a light highlighting color under the eyebrow. Blend downward towards the crease but remember to only blend where the two colors meet (this can be any light nude-ish color). You can wear something shimmery but I prefer to wear concealer about a shade or two lighter than my complexion under the brow. 
  5. Practice and patience! 

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