Thursday, December 16, 2010

No More Frizz | Five Tips to Enhance Your Kinks

1. Use cold water when rinsing your hair. Cold water makes the hair more shiny and manageable by sealing the cuticle. 

2. Do not dry your hair with a towel. Gently squeeze the hair from root to end to alleviate excess water. Rubbing you hair with a towel will only manipulate your kinks more causing frizz.

3. Never use a thin toothed or narrow comb on your hair. Because the teeth are narrow and close together, combing/detangling can cause the hair to tear which results in excess breakage. Instead use a large wide tooth comb or paddle brush to detangle when the hair is wet. 

4. Avoid excess manipulation, especially when the hair is damp. This is disrupt the curly pattern and leave you frizzy. Style hair when wet or dry. 

5. Invest in a good curl defining product. My faves are Carol's Daughter Hair Milk and Bee Mine Curly Butter.

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  1. I absolutely Love love love Bee Mine's Curly Butter, it's a staple for sure ;)


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