Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Journey to Find My Purpose : February Letter From the Editor

Since my twenty-sixth year of life began, I’ve been trying to figure out my purpose in life. I want to believe that right now at this very moment what I am typing will mean something to each of you; that it will ignite some sort of dormant desire in you that has been hidden, and maybe now is the time for you to set it free. I want to know that before I am laid to rest, my living, my learning, my faith and my actions have not been in vain. I want to rest in peace knowing that, “I have conquered, and accomplished finding my purpose in life”. I’ve began thinking about what I truly want out of (and in) life. I know for a fact that I wish hold down a fulfilling job, get married, bring life into this world, travel the world and help others (no matter how little or how big).

What I have found to be the most tedious task is bringing this list of things mentioned above into fruition. I have accomplished both small and big goals set for myself and I have set goals to accomplish in the future. Once I have set a list of goals for myself, I begin to take action. Sometimes baby steps, other times big leaps. Sometimes, I need a little boost. Other times, all I actually require is the thought.

I believe in taking chances, I’ve done it and some have proven to be some of my best decisions to date. I like to think of life as a learning tool. It is given to us so that we can make mistakes, document those mistakes and then learn from them. I have been thinking about my purpose. Why am I here? How big does my voice need to get to show the world I exist? This is what I’m working on, I want to be known not for the things I have done, but for the person I am. I want to live on even after I'm gone.

So all of this has me thinking, who gives us purpose? When do we find it? How do we obtain it? Is purposeful living greater than non-purposeful living? Are we really living if we are without purpose? Who sets these standards? I do not have the answers to any of these questions. Is it as simple as passion? I just know that I have an intimate connection with thinking I am here for a reason. God has a reason for me. I live every day knowing that tomorrow could not arrive so I push myself with the constant reminder that there has to be a greater ending (or beginning) ahead. The journey that it will take to complete some of the things that are deep in my soul will probably be a long and dreadful one but the outcome will live on forever. I have a purpose; I’m just still searching for it. I have faith that it'll come.


  1. this is so deep inside looking. anyway i will just help you with this. my lifes major purpose is to please God.Once i figured that put all the other life goals do not worry me so much. Its hard to get but really a simple concept. thats how i see it.im living life,making plans, fulfilling my dreams and in the end i hope to please God and end up there. long comment .sorry but keep at it and you will find your life's purpose.its also possible that they are many n not just one thing...

  2. Thank you for allowing yourself to be so vulnerable and share something so deep and proud. Your light is shining bright.


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