Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March's Letter from the Editor | Balancing Acts

It's not until the weekend (sometimes) that I actually get to press the "pause" button on life.  I take these two prized days and fill them up with activities such as: socializing with friends, catching up on sleep or possibly another form of entertainment. I sometimes forget about myself while I'm busy scheduling my time away to other people. This month I will focus on the art of balancing... my health depends on it.

Life is all about balance. Without balance we burnout. Signs of burnout are sickness, stress, depression, weariness, etc.  Our body is telling us to slow down and just breathe... listen to it.  You might be amazed to learn that most people don't know that breathing — an act that we do some 20,000 times each day — can deeply influence your health and happiness on many levels. Wow, something so simple, yet so profound!

Many of us are working double duty as a parent, spouse, partner, friend, employee, employer all while fitting time in for activities we enjoy doing...that is a lot!

If you work from 9-5, but have aspirations that you can only fulfill after hours, then it's difficult to not burn the candle at both ends. I urge you to take an hour or so each day to relax and focus on you.  Try writing down a list of fun activities you'd like to try or places you'd like to go and make sure every other week you check one off, whether it's riding your bike through the park, visiting a new exhibit at a museum, catching a new film or having a monthly dinner club with your friends.  This is your life, LIVE it!   


  1. Very good message. Lord knows I'm running at least 18 hours of the day with work, a house, motherhood and my sites. Every now and then I play hookie and just shut down for a day.

  2. I can dig it.. I had to learn the burn out lesson the hard way. I was a new mom, trying to be superwoman and almost had a break down. But, now I take my time and go by the mantra that it'll all get done.. eventually.


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