Monday, July 25, 2011

Beat the Heat with Hassle Free Hair

Its been hot lately, like beyond hot. If your hair is anything like mine, it has been dry, frizzy and down right pissed at the humidity.  Just like every summer, I have been tempted to shave my head Steve Harvey style but then I remember that this heat shall pass. Check out the tips below for learn how to survive the heat with hassle free hair!

  • For styles that are free-flowing such as braid outs or twist outs, use minimal amounts of products that are lightweight. This makes for fluffier, shiner, hair with lots of body. Now you can use a combination of products, however use them sparingly, and choose them wisely. Too much product can make the hair appear weighed down and lacks movement. 
  • Get the hair clean before styling, whether you use bentonite clay, sulfate shampoo, herbs, or baking soda, make sure the hair is free from residue before styling. Your hair will be shinier, and have more body if you start with a clean palate.  
  • Detangle hair only while loaded with conditioner. Condition for about 15 minutes to let the moisturizing properties penetrate my strands, then detangle, and finally sit back under my dryer for another 15 minutes. 
  • If you have tangle-prone hair, try shampooing and conditioning while in four fat braids or twists.  Less hair lost and split while detangling = more retention. 
  • When you are shampooing your hair, use your fingertips not your nails to gently cleanse your scalp. 

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