Monday, July 05, 2010

Timeless Beauty: Eartha Kitt

"Marrrcus Darrrling, I don't have any panties on..."  I remember Ms. Eartha Kitt most from role in the movie Boomerang but this sultry actress/singer played numerous roles including her portrayal of The Catwoman on a 1967 installment of Batman. Although she could look back on a long and successful career, life was not always easy for Eartha Kitt. She had a difficult and impoverished childhood and lost track of her roots. Kitt worked hard to get to the top, but when she was a child, she had to fight prejudice within the African-American community because of her light skin color. Ironically, as an adult trying to succeed in show business, Eartha Kitt found that most of the available roles went to Caucasian actresses.

Ms. Kitt is the perfect mix of beauty, sophistication and sass. Her legacy will live forever and I will always think of her when I hear the name Marcus.  

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