Thursday, August 12, 2010

Essentials For Your Makeup Stash!

Building your makeup stash can be a daunting task for makeup newbies. Clients often ask, "What do I really need?"  So I complied a list of what I believe are the must haves for a complete stash. Once you have everything you need then you can move on to the belles and whistles (the fun unnecessary stuff)!

  •  Eyelash Curler-Use to curl eyelashes before applying mascara.
  •  Eyeshadow Brush- Use to apply eyeshadow colors.
  •  Eyeshadow Blending Brush-Use to apply your crease color and/or blend eyeshadow colors.
  •  Powder Brush- Use to apply translucent powder.
  •  Blush Brush-Use to apply blush, bronzer.
  •  Eyeliner Sharpener- Use to keep eyeliner and eyebrow pencils sharp and precise.
  •  Eyebrow Brush- Use to shape eyebrows.
  •  Tweezers- Use to pluck eyebrows or other random stray hairs.

  •  Eyeliner Pencil- Dark brown and black.
  •  Eyebrow Pencil-Match this as close as possible to your natural eyebrow color.
  •  Foundation-Your foundation should match your skin tone. Use to create an even and flawless palette (your face).
  •  Translucent Powder-Use to set foundation and control shine.
  •  Blush-Use to enhance your cheeks and bring warmth to your face.
  •  Eyeshadow Primer-Use on eyelids before applying eyeshadow to make the color more intense and prevent creasing or fading.
  •  Eyeshadow- Neutral colors for lid and highlights, darker browns for the crease and a couple "pop" colors to change it up every now and then.
  •  Mascara-Use to define, thicken and lengthen your eyelashes
  •  Lip Liner-Use to line lips before applying lipstick
  •  Lipstick- Give your lips a pop of color with lipstick
  •  Lipgloss-Use to give our lips a hint of shine. Can be used alone or on top of lipstick.

  •  Makeup Case-Store your makeup in a cute bag or train case for use at home or on-the-go.
  •  Makeup Remover-Use to remove makeup nightly before going to bed.
  •  Makeup Brush Cleanser-Use weekly (Shampoo or regular Dawn dish detergent works wonders for this)

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