Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Revive Your Makeup With a Few Simple Steps

I'm going to be honest with y'all, I usually do not touch-up my makeup throughout the day nor do I carry a makeup bag. However, there are times when we have an after-five event to attend leaving us very little time to freshen up in between. Below are a couple of steps to take you from looking like you've been in and out of meetings all day to fresh out of a MUA's chair.

Remove shine: Use blotting paper (or if you're like me a paper towel) to remove any oil that may have found a home on your skin throughout out the day.

Eyeliner check:  Remove any smeared eyeliner or mascara from the eye area with a cotton swab and a little moisturizer. Dip a cotton swab in a dollop of moisturizer and gently remove any liner or mascara with your swab. Using the moisturizer helps remove the product  without breaking down the foundation/concealer underneath it.

Creased eyeshadow?: If your eyeshadow has creased, blot eyes with a clean sponge (or if your like me a paper towel) removing any oil from the lid. Reapply a small amount of shadow to the eyes and be sure to blend.

Reapply Powder: Reapply pressed or translucent powder as needed to mattify oil prone areas of your skin. You can also lightly touch-up your blush but only if needed. 

Revive those lips: Revive your lip color by simply adding a bit of gloss or completely remove your lipstick/gloss, moisturize your lips, then reapply your lip liner, lipstick and/or lip gloss. I'd go for the latter.

Finishing Spray: Lightly spray your face with your favorite finishing spray for a natural glow.


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  1. Cool! I always get that "creased" eye shadow look for some reason but when that happens, I just reapply over the old eyeshadow!

  2. Great tips hun,love e post. U know for some reason my Makeup stays put from 8am-8pm without me blotting or touching up even e/s stays put I hav normal to dry skin.


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