Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Guess What Girl... I'm Going Natural!!!!"


When I was transitioning I heard a 101 reasons why someone felt like they couldn't 'go natural'. I never asked but when I talked to friends or family about my transition they would say "girl, I don't think natural hair would look good on me" or [insert excuse number 2,301,650 here]. It never bothered me because my journey was for me and I'm not one of the those Natural Nazis who think relaxed hair equals self hate. I do advocate for natural hair but I don't judge people who slap on the creamy crack.

About six months to a year after my big chop some of the same friends would randomly expose that they are now transitioning to natural hair. It would come from total left field, something like {pats head} "its been 12 weeks since I had a relaxer and this new growth is bout to kill me... oh yeah I'm going natural. What can I do about this" or "your hair is fly and it grew out really fast. I haven't had a relaxer in four months, I think I'm going to take the plunge!!!!" It always make me chuckle inside because I remember when struggled with whether or not to go natural. I'm glad I'm able to inspire people close to me to do {what I feel} is best for their hair.

Who inspired you to go natural? Was it someone you knew in real life or online forums/blogs/youtube? After you transitioned did anyone ever tell you that you've inspired them to 'go natural'?


  1. I decided to go natural as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I was concerned about what the chemicals could do to the little life inside of me, plus I was just too tired to deal with my hair. Soon after giving birth the stress and exhaustion of motherhood pushed me to through a relaxer back in my hair. It was so much easier just to wrap it and go. Just after my son turned 1, I said screw it. I love my son's curls and care for them very gently, why aren't I doing the same for myself? It was then that I vowed I was done and never again. On April 2 it will be one year since my big chop, but I did transition for almost 8 months. It was so happy to celebrate my son's 2nd birthday with my big curly fro and his little curly fro. I couldn't be happier. What matters to me is HEALTHY hair.

  2. Story of my life, most of my friends are natural but a few are holding on and got more excuses that the man on the moon.

  3. I had people complain once I big chopped. I recall a friend from high school saw my photos on FB and inboxed me telling meto perm my hair now. I was furious. I didn't solicit his opinion. People get bold when it comes to MY hair. Once it started growing, then folks were curious and wanted to know how I get it to do certain stuff. Now I have heard several ladies go natural since I have and they have asked me for information. It's funny b/c now when I go out on the town I get the most compliments from men on my hair!

  4. it's me and a friend on that picture:-)

  5. Fatou N'diaye~ you ladies are gorgeous!


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