Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I Have a Little Secret...

I'm getting fat. Well... let me add a disclaimer: I'm not fat (yet) but I am beginning to pick up some weight and if I don't stop while I'm ahead, it will not end well.  I noticed the extra poundage a while back but I just attributed it to being bloated because for some reason I always feel bloated but I didn't have my "aha moment" until this past weekend when I pulled out a loose fitting summer dress that I hadn't worn since last year and it was tight. Maybe I've been feeling bloated because I've been gaining weight? Duh! All the signs were there; I've been opting to take my dog to the dog park instead of walking or jogging with him, I haven't been to the gym in about a month and prior to that I could only make myself go once a week, and I've been eating all the sushi, Chinese and Caribbean food in sight. Just reckless!

I'm not a thin person by nature. I am curvy. I have a booty. I have thick thighs. Athletic build (I think). So sometimes its a little hard for me to tell when I'm gaining weight (which may be denial). I love my shape, its feminine and when toned can be referred to as "brick house" lol. But the problem is my waist is catching up to my hips, the cellulite is starting to show and my clothes are just tight. No bueno.

So I stated all of this to 1) hold myself accountable 2) inspire someone else who may be feeling the same way and 3) share some tips with you. Exercise is a key component and I plan to start walking my dog regularly again and hitting the gym three times a week but diet is everything. Eating "healthy" is not always the most convenient nor is it cheap but its necessary for our overall health. Below are some tips for adopting a healthier diet from

1.) If calories are king, then portions are queen: While most of us already know the importance of reading food labels and knowing how many calories we’re consuming, the area that I’m learning often gets overlooked is serving size. Even when I cook at home, I pay close attention to what’s considered a single serving and measure out my portions accordingly. You’d be amazed how something can seem low in calories until you take a look at the serving size, which is usually much smaller than what any average person would eat. A good example of this can be found at one of the gazillion frozen yogurt shops that have become popular over the last year (which I’m SO guilty of frequenting myself). The average shop lists their ‘original’ flavor as containing about 70 calories. I’ve often heard people praise how “guilt-free” and low in calories this is, however, being the calorie-conscious person that I am, I found it awfully strange that while calories are listed, serving size is nowhere to be found. After doing a little research, I learned that a serving at most fro-yo shops is about 3 oz.—sometimes even less. Given the ginormous cups offered at fro-yo shops these days, (I know you’ve seen them!) that’s not much! In fact, since most of these shops charge by the ounce, as a challenge, take a look at your receipt next time and do the math. I guarantee you’ll learn you’re consuming a heck of a lot more than 70 calories!

2.) Just because it sounds healthy, doesn’t mean it is: Much like the aforementioned frozen yogurt debacle, I’ve learned never to take anything at face value, because while it may sound healthy and “lite,” that doesn’t mean it is. Sure a whole wheat bagel with low-fat cream cheese sounds and is better than its regular counterpart, with an average of 450 calories (not to mention the high carbs) it’s still quite a significant addition to your daily intake; especially if you’re eating it as a snack. A better choice might be an Arnold sandwich thin or two slices of Ezekiel 4:9 bread, which you can top with a nut butter and honey or all-natural apple butter. Also, while salads are always a great choice, if your salad is topped with cheese, bacon bits, croutons and the whole nine, all while slathered in ranch or Thousand Island dressing, hate to break it to you, but you may as well have opted for the hamburger. Instead, try sticking with lean meats, fruits and veggies, and raw nuts and seeds as toppings. And when it comes to dressings, I’ve found that it’s often safest to stay away from the creamy varieties altogether (since they are typically the highest in calories and fat) and opt for choices in the Italian or vinaigrette family instead. A great trick I really love is using raw apple cider vinegar as a salad dressing. It tastes delicious and has zero calories and zero fat so you can drench your salad to your heart’s content! But, hey—if you know you love your ranch dressing and can’t live without it, simply remember tip #1 and just be mindful of your portions. To do this, consider measuring out a serving or two into a small dish and dipping your fork into the dressing rather than pouring it on top. This will not only help you use less, but it’ll also keep you aware of how much you’re consuming.

3.) There’s a substitute for everything: As with my apple cider vinegar trick, I’ve learned that for every unhealthy food you love, there’s a way to make it healthier or find a healthy alternative, and the small changes can make a huge difference. For instance, instead of bread, I often eat sandwiches on two wheat crackers (my fave is Wasa Crispbread), which not only taste great, but are only 30 calories a slice as opposed to the 70-110 a slice of regular bread. Also, did you know that unsweetened vanilla almond milk has almost half the calories of 2% dairy milk? I’ve switched to this and never looked back! I’m also a big fan of Smart Beat dairy-free cheese slices (25 calories a slice vs. the average 70 calories) and lastly, as a huge pasta lover, I’ve found that whole wheat pastas (again watching portions) and spaghetti squash are just as satisfying as the real thing, and I’ve never heard anyone who took my advice on this disagree!

4.) Prepare, prepare, prepare: One of my rules of thumb is “the best way to know what you’re eating is to prepare it yourself.” As a result, something I’ve found especially helpful to staying on track is packing my breakfast, lunch, and all snacks for work. This way I have wholesome meals and snacks in queue at all times, so I’m not tempted to fall into the office juice and bagel trap, eat fast food for lunch, or head to the vending machine for 3 p.m. munchies. Some of my common snacks include: carrots, cucumbers, and bells peppers with hummus; grapes with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge; a piece of fruit like an orange, apple, or nectarine; or a wheat cracker/rice cake topped with apples slices and drizzled with honey, and a little cinnamon. Now, of course I recognize we can’t always eat only our own food since we all love to eat out from time to time, but even in these cases it’s still possible to be proactive. Before I go to a restaurant, I almost always Google their menu to see if I can find the nutrition information, which often times is available on their website. This helps me review my options and make a healthy choice beforehand rather than getting to the restaurant and letting my eyes make the decision for me. Also, as a person who enjoys having a cocktail or two when I’m out, I’ve even recently began preparing on this front since many cocktails have just as many calories as a full meal. I like to keep a few Crystal Light packets in my purse and if the mood strikes for a drink and I know I want to keep it light, I opt for a vodka and tonic (or club soda) and mix in my packet for an instant low calorie cocktail! Works like a charm!

5.) Your freezer is your friend: If you’re looking to adopt healthier eating habits, some common concerns you may have are: How will I make time to eat healthy? Won’t it be expensive? If I buy a bunch of produce, won’t it spoil before I get a chance to use it all? My answer: Frozen is the way to go! Not only do I stock up on bags of frozen veggies (which are pretty inexpensive I might add), I also purchase frozen chicken breasts and shrimp for easy access when I need a lean protein, I freeze my loaves of Ezekiel Bread and bags of Sandwich Thins to preserve their freshness, and if I find that I’m not using my fresh produce in a timely manner, into the freezer it goes! If you think your bananas are useless once they start to go bad, think again! Peel those suckers and place them in a freezer baggy, then grab them later for smoothies, eat them ‘as-is’ topped with almond butter as a healthy and delicious snack, or throw them in the food processor to make yummy banana softserve.

[5 Tips for Adopting a Healthier Diet]

Do you have any tips for keeping your diet in check? Would you like to join me on this [life long] journey? 


  1. Those are some great tips. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Sis, we are definitely in the same boat. I really think God is trying to tell me something here...the other day I climb on the scale and I'm like....LIke you, its nothing big but if left unattended to it will get worse...I'm also not a thin person by nature AT ALL so I have to keep it in check all the time. Your tips are great... Generally (there are exceptions), I don't eat bad but when exercise is lacking, calories are being gained so I will be working on that!
    THanks for sharing sis!!

  3. welcome to the club. I have kicked up my working out and now i'm on grind mode. By any means necessary, at least 5 pounds are coming off this month.

  4. Love all the tips, I just started back working out this week. Me and hubs are doing insanity. Yes its kicking my butt!! but I love it. Good luck and keep posting (:

  5. i was watching an interview with some actress and she said the key for her is to not eat when she's not hungry, and push the plate back when she's full. easier said then done, but i can see how it could help a lot.

  6. Hey Tamara. Welcome back! I have some weight to lose as well. So I'm joining the club :) The main things I plan on TRYING to do are: not eating after 7pm,staying away from sweets and white bread, drinking lots more water.

  7. Hello Ladies,
    Great post Tamara. I must say the biggest key to nutrition is adequate planning and knowledge. Plan you meals in advance as much as possible. Take the time to learn what does and doesn't work for your body. Some people lose weight on low carb and some people gain belly fat. It's about moderation. Do your best to add more and more healthy foods in your diet as opposed to focusing on what foods you want to eliminate.

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    @ Funbi, I totally agree.

    @ Monique, you can do it.

    @ Ronesha, good luck!!!

    @Simpychic, good tip. I've been known to over indulge.

    @gigi, Thank you! Eating dinner before 7pm is so rough for me. I'm not really big on sweets but I love me some bread... like really love :(

    @James, OMG you are so right. I need to find out what is best for my body. And I love the tip about incorporating more healthy food instead of focusing on the bad. Thanks!!!

  9. Great tip! Great sharing! I know they say not eating after 7pm is also good.


  10. I saw you with Rep. Mel Watt a few days ago in Salisbury. You were breathtaking!


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