Monday, June 25, 2012

Outfit Post | All Hustle, No Flow

Hiya my very loyal and awesome readers. Remember way back when I told y'all I was going to graduate school but that doesn't mean anything to you because I had a 'schedule' and planned to continue posting regularly? Well I failed. Sorry. But I'm absolutely giddy to be back (as I start to dougie)!

Ok, so since I've been gone a lot has changed. Want the cliff notes? I've become mom to another doggie, a stray rat-terrier that I found lounging on my front lawn; I've become a namaste chanting yoga girl; I'm single again and trying to navigate the dating scene aka exhausted; I totally ditched eyeshadow and only throw on concealer and Ruby Woo lipstick when I want to get 'fancy'. Yes, since our last chit chat about makeup it has been almost non-existent in my life. I miss our weekly chats about Nars blushes and curating the perfect brows dearly. I even miss taking 102 photos just to get three decent looking shots for my YouTube tutorials. Oh and how can I forget the most noticeable change? I cut my hair. We all know that boredom coupled with a temporary loss of identity means something and someone is getting cut. In this case it was my hair. One thing remains the same though, I still eat wayyy too much Chinese food.

Speaking of hair...

After I decided that my initial hair cut wasn't short enough I decided to go to a barber. My brother got me an appointment with his coiffeur and I was set. I get there and the convo goes a little like this:

Me: I want the sides tapered a little more and I also want a little more off the top.

Him: (feeling my hair) Your hair is so soft. What do your man think about this?

Me: (I was still attached) He fully supports me cutting my hair. You'll probably need to take a little off the back too.

Him: Yo its killing me to have to cut your hair. You know how many bald chicks walking around wishing they had this thick soft hair.

Me: You are more than welcome to sweep up what you cut and help them out.

Him: I'm saying, its already hard out here for women. Men like hair; long hair, big asses and a cute face. Why you think women out here getting ass shots and weaves down to the floor? They ain't going through all that pain for nothing. Its all to get some attention from men. You got a cute face, your ass is alright but you about to cut all your hair off. You sure you want me to do this?

Me: (with a screw face) Just cut my damn hair.

I probably should have left but I just let him finish my hair. I tried to come up with slick "let me school yo ass" closing remarks before I sashayed out of the shop but I decided to let it go because a wise man (Jay-Z) told me don't argue with fools because people from a distance can't tell who's who.  When I got in the car I chuckled. Men.

Just recently I took my short-haired don't stand a chance self to a local pub (yes I say pub instead of bar because I'm bougie) to kick it with my girls and the same ignorant coiffeur didn't recognize me and tried to "holla".


Anyway I miss you guys and look forward to chatting regularly again. What's been up with you?

I wish you peace and blessings. Namaste!

The wardrobe
Shirt- Theory
Jeans- J Brand
Shoes- Brian Atwood
Sunglasses- Prada
Necklace- H&M


  1. COUSIN!! So happy you are back on the blog map! I actually was thinking last month...I wonder how Tamara has been...Well now I know. Good luck in your navigating the single world. Yoga is amazing isn't it!!!! Great entry as usual. Love the Hair :) Have a great week :)

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  3. Welcome back! Congratulations on your new journey. I'm shocked about the non-existent presence of makeup, welcome to the gang, but you're still more advanced than me, I only do lip balm & mascara (chuckle). Your hair is lovely, shame on that guy. Looking forward to more posts.

  4. So glad your posting again! I love the hair cut, I've been contemplating getting my hair shaped and cut on the sides. Outfit colors are hot and you look great.

  5. HA HA...yes, men... Love the shoes!

  6. Yay!! Glad your back! Love the hair, I just cut my hair back into a twa myself :-)

  7. Welcome back around these parts. We've certainly missed you. Life is about change; where would we be without it? How is school going?

    Loving the new hair! Rock that 'do!

  8. Thanks ladies! It's so good to be back!

  9. Welcome back. You were extremely missed. Loving the outfit, and you look awesome as usual.

  10. Just found your blog through KisforKinky today being June 27, 2012. Loving and looking forward to seeing more. Karen J

  11. Good to see that you are back! Love the hair. I've Recently decided to go back to school myself...and cut my hair.

  12. Did he have the audacity to tell you that your ass was alright to your face among the other offensive sh#t he said...WTF!


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