Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Umm... Huh? WTH Are You Talking About, Sir?

Ok ladies, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you may not feel as cool, cultured and intelligent as you know yourself to be? I recently found myself in this situation when schmoozing with a few political big wigs in my area. I mean, at one point I was just lost. Insecurity has a funny way of rearing its unwelcomed head at the worst possible moment, making it difficult to access your inner sophistication. Having said that, the following tips are essential to remember if and when you find yourself in this unnerving position:

Read: Being well read is a must. Its impossible to know everything but knowing a little about diverse topics will help in these situations. Keeping current national and global events of ‘importance’ in mind has a number of benefits. You can demonstrate that you are well informed, while giving yourself that extra boost in confidence for actually being informed.

Interrogation: Ok, you may be in a situation that you’re at a loss for words. This is the time when you tap into your inner attorney and employ some cross-examination skills. It doesn’t matter if the person across from you is discussing the joys of scientific artifact collecting; just interrogate the hell out of them. At the very least you’ll  appear to be inquisitive, right? Even if you don't care about the topic at hand, its always good to appear interested.

Confidence:  Ahh, confidence is key but its hard to be confident when you are intimidated. So whether you're faking it, or have managed to conjure up some authentic self-assurance about the wonderful person you truly are, confidence will provide you with the attitude that transcends the debilitating affects of feeling inadequate. It’s all about being kind to yourself, and unapologetic for simply being you. Confidence has a wonderful way of erasing all the foolishness that prevents us from exemplifying our genuinely brilliant nature. We all know that confidence comes from within but here are some quick confidence boosters to help you out:

        Look the part! Whether you are hobnobbing with the who's who is your area, mingling with  after-fivers at a happy hour or chillin at a cookout. A fabulous frock or perfectly fitting denim cut-offs can do wonders for your confidence.

Who's Who

Happy Hour


         Don't forget about your face! Summer is in full force so less is definitely more. Dabble on a little MUFE Face and Body Foundation for sexy, dewy perfection.

        The lips! Since you're going to be doing a lot of talking (or asking) about current events and such. We have to make sure the lip gloss is popping. YSL's Golden Glosses has the perfect amount of shimmer to help you shine and great staying power.

Do you have any suggestions to help with those awkward, WTF are they talking about moments? Please share.  

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